Gretchen's List: It's Kamala!

Dear Friends,

Joe Biden has chosen Senator Kamala Harris of California to be his running mate!

Kamala Harris endorses Joe Biden as Democratic presidential ...

I have met Senator Harris several times before, and she has the intelligence and integrity to lead our country at this moment. And, of course, I’m thrilled to have a woman of color on the ticket.

I consider it one of the causes of my life to work to elect our first woman president. This work means normalizing women’s leadership at all levels, investing deeply in the pipeline of women in elected office, and elevating women serving as senators and governors — and now future vice presidents — as the most likely presidential candidates in years to come. I have not invested in the Biden campaign yet, as I wanted my giving to be viewed as attributable to the woman he chose for his running mate. I want Senator Harris to be a success story for this campaign. I am giving now, and I hope you’ll join me.

Electing Women Bay area will be hosting the first Bay Area virtual event with the Vice Presidential candidate Senator Kamala Harris. While we do not know the precise date or timing yet, it will be within the next week. We are able to accept RSVPs and donations now. Suggested donations begin at $1,000, but please give whatever you can. I hope you’ll be able to join us and hear from Kamala about her vision for her Vice Presidency and our country. (If you want to wait and confirm the date and time before committing to attending, you can indicate your interest here and I’ll send you the detail when I have them!)

Contribute to the Biden Victory Fund. (The Victory Fund is a joint fundraising mechanism between the campaign, the Democratic National Committee, and thirty-seven of the state democratic parties where funds are needed the most.) I consider the Victory Fund a worthy investment towards winning in November, but I equally want Senator Harris to be viewed as a powerful fundraising asset for the campaign. Every gift helps contribute to that total, and to her own political power.

I am excited. It’s time.

My best,

P.S. If you are feeling frustrated or disappointed by this pick or the process in general, you are not alone! I had been hoping for Stacey Abrams, or potentially Elizabeth Warren (if Biden doesn’t run in 2024 — otherwise I want Elizabeth to stay exactly where she is!). I thought this piece from the always-brilliant Rebecca Traister was cathartic, and helped validate my annoyances so that I could fully focus on looking ahead.

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